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The mentors at Black Belt Seduction then broke the men into 4 groups of 5.Each man in each group was given a simple task: Get a woman at a bar or night club to give him her phone number.

Here is what each group received in terms of seduction training and what their goal success rate was: One group received no instruction. The 5 experts behind Black Belt Seduction are comprised of both men and women. You can join the Black Belt Seduction membership for .95 for the first month and then only per month after that.Black Belt Seduction decided to put their money where their mouth was.They put an advertisement in their local newspaper.You will get your training delivered to you in the following formats: 1. By doing this, she ensures your seduction techniques aren't as outdated as a "Members Only" jacket, or "Hammer Pants." In her guide, Tiffany shows you how you can become the guy that women will go crazy over and desire to date and sleep with you. That's okay, because Tiffany guarantees that even if you're completely shy, she can transform you into a guy who will never fear rejection.She shows you step by step what to say and how to control the conversation and trigger the desire inside of them to want to date you or have a one night stand with you.

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