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The first few lines of the data which is called "csv" look like this The first column is a character string representing date (day-mo-year) and the second column is a 2-digit code for the animal's id (e.g., tag number).Our first step is to read the data into an R data frame The first couple of lines specify a couple of libraries that will be needed down the road; if these programs are not installed you will need to download and install them.MARK also can read summarized capture histories, in which the records are capture history strings that represent more than one animal; the "1" column to the right of the capture history is then replaced by the frequency of animals with the history.Mostly there is little need for this, and in any case RMark is not set up for summary records (MARK is).Brandi Love can show you what women want to hear, and what to do to get them to go wild on you! Brandi Love is the stage name of an American adult model and pornographic actress, as well as the co-owner and chief financial officer of two multimedia companies.Love grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and attended Central Michigan University.However, in some cases there is a tremendous number of records with a lot of capture history repetition, so this format can be more efficient computationally.As we proceed with examples we will see a number in which the capture data are stratified by groups (e.g., sex or age) or continuous attributes are recorded (such as length or mass) that are later used in modeling.

We could also write code to produce MARK summary input (frequencies) by extension of what we did for ungrouped data.RMark and MARK somewhat overlap in how they handle groups or continuous covariates.We will start out with a simple group covariate (sex = female or male) for illustration and then in a future exercise get into more complex examples (multiple attributes, continuous covariates, or both).This is ok for very small problems but will be tedious and prone to errors for large data sets.Pivot tables in Access or other software can work with some fiddling, but generally we are going to want to use R to organize and format our data, either for input into MARK or (more directly) into RMark.

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