Updating punkbuster with pbsetup

Windows Vista/7 Users: If you're having problems running BF2 under Windows Vista or 7, first make sure that you're using the latest graphics and audio drivers for your hardware, and the latest patch for the game (see page 4 for patch details).Next, make sure you don't change your UAC settings after the game has been installed, as due to Virtualization this can change the location of the game files and settings.Editing the files and other tweaks as described in this guide are fine, but be careful as to what you alter if it's not covered here.If you are having problems automatically updating your Punkbuster version when online, you can manually update it by following the instructions here.Official Support: The first place to look for official support details is in the file in your \Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\Support directory.Importantly you should check out the minimum system requirements in that file, as well as the supported hardware list, since if any of your hardware is not supported then you will experience problems with the game, or quite simply won't be able to run it.if you're using Refresh Force, click the 'Restore Original Settings' button and apply) or set it back to 60Hz for both 800x600 and your chosen gaming resolution.Alternatively, see the Advanced Tweaking section of the guide for details on how to set a different startup resolution, in case your graphics card/monitor simply cannot do [email protected] resolution.

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If you still have problems and genuinely believe your system is rock-solid, then I recommend completely uninstalling BF2, rebooting, then reinstalling BF2 and then only installing the full 1.41 Patch, then the latest 1.50 Patch on top of that to bring BF2 up to date.Make sure you have Punkbuster enabled in the game, as most multiplayer servers require it to allow you to join.Importantly, do not modify your Battlefield 2 files in any way - such as using programs to alter the shader versions - as these may be seen as cheats by PB.For the latest online help check the EA Games BF2 Tech Support Site for more official help.If this doesn't help, read the rest of this guide carefully, and then visit one of the many BF2 Forums such as EA BF2 Forums, the EA UK BF2 Forums, or the Total Battlefield BF2 Forums for example.

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