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In view of the current development and sophistication of the Islamic finance industry, the screening methodology has now been revised by adopting a two-tier approach to the quantitative assessment which applies the business activity benchmarks and the newly-introduced financial ratio benchmarks while at the same time maintaining the qualitative assessment.This revision is in line with the SC’s initiatives to further build scale in the Shariah-compliant equity and investment management segments as well as expand the Islamic capital market’s (ICM) international reach, as outlined in the The contribution of Shariah non-compliant activities to the overall revenue and profit before tax of the company will be calculated and compared against the relevant business activity benchmarks.They are also considering expanding to other countries, after some participants came to Kuala Lumpur from as far as Singapore for their matchmaking sessions.Notice for clients: Please accept our apologies, due to new system installation, our email and other services are currently at a standstill. Rule 7.1- “avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations.” Programme claimed that the Islamic Shariah Council is promoting a parallel legal system, which is totally false, which we have clearly denied in the public sphere and which we consider to be a libellous statement.During the six-months period, dividends received and capital gain realised from the disposal of such securities may be retained by investors, without the need to channel any portion of the dividends and capital gains to ] Collective investment schemes and other funds approved by the SC as Shariah-compliant are advised to follow the existing SAC guidance for the disposal of Shariah non-compliant securities after the end of the six-month grace period.KUALA LUMPUR: Imagine going on a first date with someone and having your parents beside you to give you advice.

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"Of course, the ladies will always ask us: 'Why don't you organise more, bigger events?Rule 7.14- “programme makers should not normally obtain or seek information…through deception.” The guidelines allow for this “without consent if it is in the public interest and cannot reasonably be obtained by other means.” Blakeway productions asked to film an interview at the ISC with Dr Hasan on 7 February 2013, which they were happily allowed to do.They were free to film clients and to ask any probing questions they wished.The FAQ section of Halal Speed Dating's website states: "The traditional way of dating is faster and more efficient by including the guardians and family members in the process.More importantly, it avoids fitnah (slander), heartbreak, premarital pregnancy, premarital sex, abandoned babies and all 50 Shades of Haram."This is something co-founders Munirah Tunai and her husband Zuhri Yuhyi believe in, having met using a matchmaking platform themselves before getting married after five months of chaperoned interaction."In Islam, yes, of course you have to involve the father actually, because the father is the lady’s guardian," Munirah tells Channel News Asia.

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