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Occasionally the new timetable may not fit with our planned itinerary and/or ferries are occasionally cancelled.

In either event, we shall divert the tour inland and drive from Seward to Mc Carthy National Park. The midsummer spawning season is a major event for all the animals, with bears and birds waiting to catch the weakened fish, exhausted from their spawning runs.

Stopping at the Copper River, we then cross the Kuskulana River on a narrow railroad bridge high above the water and continue through a vast expanse of untouched wilderness, following an unpaved road through the remote forests.

At the end of the road we reach the small town of Mc Carthy (pop 42), which grew to serve the Copper mine at Kennicott, located 4.5 miles up the valley.

Nestling amongst the wild landscapes of the Wrangell St.

Elias National Park, Mc Carthy presents us with an ideal base from which to explore this stunning setting further.

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Our standard, mid-range accommodation offers a good level of service, often with other amenities such as a restaurant, bar, garden or swimming pool.

Heading for Portage Glacier Visitors Centre, we then continue through the old mountain tunnel to Whittier, at the western end of Prince William Sound.

From here we board a ferry to take us to Valdez, the northernmost ice-free port in the western hemisphere, ringed by the snow-capped peaks at the end of the Valdez Narrows.

This stunning setting affords us an opportunity to take a short, guided hike that takes in the dramatic scenery of the Byron Glacier Creek and ends in a permanent snowfield under a hanging glacier.

From here we continue south to the town of Seward, a picturesque port ringed by a stunning landscape of mountains and glaciers, lying alongside the rich waters of Resurrection Bay.

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