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Not sure anyone but my family will be able to verify I did in fact travel with them on our holiday. @Maekatt, it depends on the role you're applying for and the security clearance you need for it.

IIRC NV1 (negative vetting level 1) requires a checkable history of either 10 years or since you were aged 16 (which ever number of years is greater) both domestic and internationally, while PV (positive vetting) requires a lifetime of checkable history domestic and internationally.

You get to pick your second and third locations based on a bidding system.

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The logistics and p&c guys start their first rotation in Canberra whereas the engineering guys get posted randomly for the first one.

Grads in Intelligence are going to have a very different experience to those in Engineering or Finance etc.

Since I can only speak for the CASG grad program (engineering/logistics/procurement and contracting), you basically get to travel the country every 6 months.

Forgot to add: I was very amused by the references for the times I have been overseas.

Will that include the time i went overseas as a child?

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