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It certainly has a unisex appeal, that initially put me off purchasing.

Now however, I appreciate the "clean" notes that accompany the gourmand notes, which I feel gives this fragrance such a wonderful balance.

I smell vanilla and some woody notes (the typical synthetic smelling cashmere wood), too. Later the fragrance becomes more woody and a bit less sweet, the drydown is even comforting and warm.

"This is Her" is my current day-to-day perfume, and garners many compliments from colleagues and strangers alike.

Edit: After 5-6 hours the late drydown is a soft, milky, creamy, vanillic, nutty skinscent. at first you get pepper and something salty, and then it smells very unique i cant put my finger on what it smells like nothing ive smelled Before....i was surprised.

i have bought 30 ml perfume, earlier i had the rollerball 7 ml, but i need to SPRAY this Lovely perfume on me Smells amazing on my skin, probably the best perfume on me i've ever had.

Have to add that Portrait of a Lady smells like total crap on me so This is Her might be the complete opposite! I was looking for something powdery and milky to add to my collection and when I got a sample of This is Her, I thought I had found it. When I first saw the bottle of This Is Her I imagined a fresh, clean scent.

Therefor, i recommend anyone who can't wear portrait to try this one! Wore it for three days straight, fell in love and bought the bottle. I don't know what happened after that but I can't wear this at all. Instead of powdery, edgy and milky, I now get sour, nutty and overpowering jasmine. I was surprised and intrigued when I saw the notes and reviews on here.

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