Intimadating lee

"We all panicked, and it happened the way it happened," Meiser said during an interview with detectives. A Lake Oswego police officer, responding to a "suspicious person" call stopped Meiser and checked his identification but had no reason to connect Meiser to the killing earlier in the day.

There was no realistic chance Meiser -- charged with aggravated murder, a potential death penalty offense -- would have been granted bail, given the substantial evidence tying him to the crime.First, 105 men were asked to rank the merits of women who had out- or under-performed them in an intelligence test as a prospective romantic partner.They found that the men were more likely to declare their attraction to women who had performed better than them.He found his way into a Lake Oswego parking garage where he saw a Corvette.He believed the car's owner was inside a martial arts studio.

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