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I popped in a few quarters and saw some very hot man-on-man action, and pulled out my relatively small cock to rub it a bit.

A couple of minutes into the movie, a man walks into the vacant booth next to mine, which I notice because of a small hole on the opposite side of the booth.

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Shocked, I waited a second, thinking about what to do.Links The Small Dick Club is not responsible for the content on sites that we link to.Although we have checked these sites when we first added the link to The Small Dick Club and found them clean of malware or viruses, we’re not responsible for any you may encounter on these sites if they now exist.My curiosity killing me, I decided to walk back there, noticing a bunch of booths lined up next to each other, with a few playing naughty sounds that I guessed were porn videos that other men were watching.I decided to go into one of the booths and watch, just to see what the store had to offer.

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