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You also might like the clean design and the fast results delivered in little preview cards. Click the hamburger icon on the top right to tweak the settings. This gap is somewhat plugged by Search Team which calls itself a “collaborative search engine”. If you log-in with a Facebook account, Search Team will automatically suggest the people you want to invite.

Peekier auto-suggests search keywords and you can further refine them with more keywords integrated in the search bar after the results. It’s a good concept for teams who want to save time when they are looking for the same things. Search Team has only one obstacle – it is not free like Google.

But right now, go ahead and feel both those above emotions for a moment.

Well, no one is chipping on that digital tombstone yet.

Just Watch has one purpose only – turn you into a movie and TV series addict. Online streaming is sending cable back to the dinosaur age.

So, if you are a cord cutter you would want to discover where your favorite show is on next.

A few more things to try out — use Search Team to plan a vacation with family members and friends. You can try out the interesting idea with a free trial account till the founders offer a free version.

Yippy is bit more than a traditional search engine.

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The privacy policy on the site says, Local storage on your machine is used to save your settings and data.It then combines the results and groups similar results into groups.You can shovel deeper into your search with the group keywords on the left.The meta-search engine also filters out undesirable results, so you can recommend it as a good educational search engine for kids. Google isn’t a great product for kids even though there is a Safe Search bouncer at the door.Kiddle is a nice alternative for family-friendly search.

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