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Consider that on "3 Pears" Yoakam affectionately covered the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody," while the new album has a blistering version of the folk standard "Man of Constant Sorrow" that the singer described as "Bill Monroe meets the Ramones."Which isn't to say that one record represents the real Dwight Yoakam more than the other.Often hidden beneath his signature cowboy hat, the singer has always been a somewhat mysterious figure, a guy who uses his art as much to construct a self as to reveal one.(No surprise that he's also made for a convincing character actor in movies like "Sling Blade" and "Panic Room.")"Dwight said something to me the first time I met him that I'd never heard anyone say," recalled Clark, who also traveled as an opening act on Church's 2014 tour."I asked him what was his favorite record that he'd made, and he said, 'All of them.' "His reply struck Clark as an indication that Yoakam "can look back on his body of work and love it all but also not be stuck on any of it."That's one reason that Yoakam, even when he's invoking his past, ranks among the most modern of country stars — and one well suited, at least in theory, to younger fans untroubled by the idea of a mutable artistic persona.

Meantime he’s producing and starring in Southern Rapture, a limited-run play in Los Angeles directed by fellow Harley-David-son enthusiast Peter Fonda, as a tune-up (or roles in two upcoming movies.

There were many so-called outsiders inside Staples Center on Friday for Eric Church's stop as part of his "The Outsiders World Tour." So many outcasts that they couldn't help but bond like a bunch of insiders.

They all agreed on one thing, something pretty basic about country music in 2015: If...

(Randall Roberts)Yet the record is no mere nostalgia trip.

It also reflects the influence Yoakam continues to have on younger country singers, along with his interest in their work (and, of course, their audiences).

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