Dating a ginger

‘We miss a lot of things about doing Harry Potter, but dyeing our hair isn’t one of them,’ says James.‘I’m a Birmingham City fan and I was at a match with my friends and they were asking me if I wanted to get a drink afterwards.But in the flesh they are very different: James in his white T-shirt wears his hair longer and has a smattering of stubble across his face, while Oliver, dressed in black, has much shorter, darker hair.The eldest by 13 minutes, Oliver tends to take charge during the conversation.

All the years of joking at Andrew’s expense just came back and slapped me in the face.’As Fred and George Weasley respectively, James and Oliver had to dye their brown hair ginger every few weeks.

Redheads are 2% of the world’s population; they are one of the rarest types of human on the planet! They’re fantastic in bed Let’s just say they have this reputation for a reason. Ginger babies are just so much cuter than regular babies, I’m guessing it’s that same voodoo magic again.

We aren’t saying that they are objects; far from it.

With what can only be described as a ginger phenomenon (as rare as a blood moon), the 29th of April 2017 saw Federation Square covered in a sea of ginger and red for the 2017 Ginger Pride Rally!

We smashed the history books with over 1400 copper-tops flocked together in Melbourne for a day of celebrating the super powers of those lucky enough to have the MC1R (unicorn) gene.

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