Christian dating advice physical levels

But first, there’s something I really, really need you to hear: This post is not meant to shame you if you’ve already make sinned—big or small—with a guy. I’m not talking about the kind of mild-mannered, easily-overcome addiction I have to a certain raspberry chocolate-chip gelato right now.Trust me—I’ve been there, and I have nothing but love and compassion for you and your situation. I’m talking about a physical addiction that comes from things like drugs more often than ice cream.Does your guy pressure you to do things you know you shouldn’t do?

Take a look at the following verses: We would suggest the “Holy Kiss” principle on the physical dimension of your dating relationships, provided your Bible doesn’t translate the word “holy” as “French.” As infants, as children and as adults, physical contact is the primary way we show care, protection, affirmation, encouragement and love for each other.Because let me tell you, there’s like being right with God! If you’re not sure what to do or how to move forward, here are those links I promised: “What If I’ve Fallen into Sexual Sin” “A Quiz for Overcoming Sin” “God, I Don’t Feel Bad About My Sin” “Breaking Physical Boundaries” I want to know: Have you ever tried to “do better” in a relationship that had gone too far physically? Or have you ever ended a relationship because you were tired of sin getting in between you and God? It’s worlds better than even the best of boyfriends. Where, after all, would sports be in America without the ubiquitous slap on the rear? But I better keep writing and make my point before you stop reading and think you just got the green light to pat your girlfriend on the tush.Ponder a moment the different ways physical contact expressed care to you when you were growing up.

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