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They waste a lot of effort maligning the NRA when they should be fighting the anti-gunners, but they still have some good points.Gun Parts Corp - The best and biggest place to look for gun parts Impressive on-line parts catalog. Pretty good operation that has been in business for decades (formerly Numrich Gun parts). Daily summary of all gun related news stories (and full archives) and excellent archives of examples of lawful self defense with guns.No compromise "attitude" sometimes annoying, but I check this site EVERY day. Great photos and details to check originality of pistols.Military Rifles in the Age of Transition - Exceptionally useful site loaded with info on non-U. black powder, metallic cartridge military rifles (1865-1888). Also has WW2 Ithaca shipping records and can provide "factor letter" on these guns. Nambu World - Very impressive and loaded with good info on ALL TYPES of Japanese WW2 arms.These are the folks struggling to keep the art of marksmanship alive both on the competitive level and to provide a basis to meet military needs. Civil War Guns - Interesting site with info on Civil War small arms and artillery, much related to actual shooting of these items, and the North-South Skirmish Association.Tired of reading about military history and want to actually live some of it? They even have a 6 day Civil War Summer Camp for kids 15 and older (including much older) that includes participation in a reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Info on how to buy M1 and some other items direct from govt.They insure both collections and business inventory. Be sure to check both the basic publication at the top, and ALL of the other updates which have hundreds of additional items listed. - Norm Flayderman was the most respected name in the antique arms business.(Yeah, you would think a government agency would provide a single combined list, but they don't.)Firearms Technology Museum- An Australian museum focused on Tranter revolvers which has put their collection on line instead of being restricted to walk in visitors. He wrote the book that the rest of us refer to constantly.7.62x54- One of the best resources available on line for all things related to the Mosin Nagant rifles.Also, it has extensive detailed drawings for all sorts of different styles of portable and permanent gun racks....

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